Sue Poulin, Rector

sue poulin, rector

My ministry began at The Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist on January 28, 2007. It was with much joy and excitement that I joined this thriving community of faith.

The Episcopal Diocese of Maine had been my home, having most recently served St. David’s Episcopal Church in Kennebunk. Being Assistant Clergy there for 3 years allowed me the opportunity to strengthen my liturgical experience, thrive in a parish that values great preaching, and grow in my pastoral ministry. Christian Formation is central to my call to ministry. I cherish the opportunity to help people continue to grow into our Baptismal Covenant. The Episcopal Church is a wonderful place to grow and deepen our relationship with God and Jesus Christ. Jesus also calls us out into the world, to live and move as he taught us. This tension is what I believe is what it means to be Episcopalian.

When the time came, and with such a great foundation, God called me to New Hampshire. I am so excited and blessed to be in a parish that is so full of life, enthusiasm and faith. The Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist is a place where we laugh together, play together, work together, and, when we need to, hold each other as we weep together. We are also a place that is there for the church family, the community and the world at large.

Please come and join us as we celebrate the Holy Eucharist on Sunday and any of our other activities so that you can come to know our church family.

Make a Joyful Noise

music staff

Music has always been an important part of worship at St. John’ the Baptist. We have a wonderful pipe organ, a piano and choir. Most of all we have dedicated music loving volunteers to help out with the services.
Judy Gray, Organist

judy gray, organist

I moved to NH from my life long home in CT in the summer of 2001. Two years later, after just one Sunday at St. John’s, I knew I was home. After 3 months of sitting in the back pew, I moved to the front of the church and have been sitting on the organ bench ever since.

My love of church music began in the church of my childhood, a large Congregational and UCC church in New Haven with a magnificent pipe organ played by a succession of organists from the Yale School of Music. I can remember being thrilled by the beauty and power of church music at a very young age and I only wish that I had known then that the organ was an instrument that could be learned just the same as the piano. As a young child, it seemed that the organist magically appeared on the organ bench each Sunday, never to be approached, and only listened to in awe.

In my 30’s, as I experienced a “bumpy patch” in my life, the minister of my church asked if there was “anything I’d always wanted to do.” My answer came from nowhere it seemed…. “I want to learn to play the pipe organ.” I was fortunate to live close to Connecticut College and was able to complete the requirements for my self designed major, “Music and Worship in the Christian Church” in 1982. Subsequently I have served as organist and choir director in UCC, American Baptist and Episcopal churches where I have learned to appreciate and love a wide variety of musical styles. In music there truly is no “One Size Fits All.”

My life is filled with the goodness of a life partner, a daughter and son in law, two grandchildren and our Irish Wolfhound. Living now on the coast of Maine brings a new chapter of experiences with the magnificent ocean close enough to visit anytime. Family, with and without fur, friends, and ocean, all topped off with a beautiful organ to play and a wonderful church family at St. John’s – so many blessings!

St. john the baptist vestry

The Vestry of an Episcopal Church is the governing authority for all temporal (non-spiritual) business of the parish: a bit like a Board of Directors. The Vestry is elected by members of the parish.  Its primary responsibilities are to take care of the parish finances, care for and maintain parish facilities and choose parish leadership, including interviewing and calling the Rector, as required. The Vestry also assists the Rector in the nurture and extension of the church to serve its members and as Christ's hands and feet in the world.

Current members of the Vestry of St. John the Baptist:

Mickey Mallory

Kate Leslie

Julia Stackpole

Carole Connors

Tina Firicano, Warden

Dave Tyler, Warden

Ann Elkins, Clerk

Jane Daniell, Treasurer

Infinite respect for one another...radical hospitality for the world.