BREAKING NEWS...miracle in sanbornville!!

Dateline: July 8, 2018. Sanbornville, NH By: James Cross

A miracle has occurred in Sanbornville, and the public is invited to participate!  A fairly large collection of “stuff” from local parishioners of St John the Baptist Episcopal Church has miraculously been transformed into “antiques” and “collectables” and will be available for viewing and purchase on July 21 between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. 

In addition, there is the possibility that some of the parishioners will have some cakes, pies, donuts, or other goodies available for sale to properly celebrate the miracle. 

The miracle site will be available for visitation and money changing at St John’s Church which is located at 118 High Street in Sanbornville. 

Miracles don’t happen very often, so be sure to come by and enjoy it!


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