What’s up?

For decades, St John’s has been burdened with managing three large, old and disconnected buildings. A candid property evaluation in late 2018 led to a bold campus reconfiguration plan. In addition to freeing St. John’s community from many of the time, energy and cost burdens of property maintenance, our campus reconfiguration will enable us to refocus on God’s mission work and help build St. Johns’ long-term vitality, relevance and sustainability. Our plan is: 

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Will you join us? Help us reach 100% Participation?

Join the generous members and friends of this open, welcoming and life-affirming community of faith who have pledged over $108,000, exceeding our goal for St. John’s Building Hope Campaign.

100% participation from our parishioners would truly show the commitment we feel to “Building Hope” in St. John’s.

  1. Tear Down old 1894 Parish Hall (due to lack of accessibility, high operating costs, flooding, asbestos and disrepair). Completed 1/19.

  2. Build a new right-sized, ADA compliant, energy efficient addition to St John’s 1877 Gothic Revival Church. The addition will be attached through the existing north Chapel, which will be repurposed as the new sacristy. While the church itself requires some repairs, it is a historic, lovely and solid sanctuary.
    Our planned new ~2,100 sf Parish Hall physically is far more than a replacement for our old hall. We are consolidating to put everything together under one single-story roof with easy and full ADA access.  The church addition will include bathrooms, a clergy office, a class room/nursery, kitchen and a right-sized hall roughly 2/3 the size of our old hall.

    This will provide St. John’s and the Wakefield, NH community an inviting & comfortable space to gather in fellowship, worship, service & civic events: family game/movie nights; Sr classes or luncheons; Bible study, Yoga, Community Dinners, music & more – so many needs and possibilities! It will also save ~ 50% in St. Johns’  facility costs, vastly improve function/comfort & greatly reduce our environmental footprint. Addition completion target: Q4/19 - Q1/20. 

  3. Sell the 1881 Rectory. The old vicarage now provides St. John’s its only water/bathroom and small meeting space for us and others (AA), but it’s time to repurpose this Victorian for better & fuller use in new hands. Now on the market.

The reconfiguration/build process will also address overdue improvements to the main Church building: insulation, water mitigation and repairs to the roof saddle. These repairs to our historic church are needed both to continue our stewardship of its beauty for the future and to reduce operating costs.

This 2019 campus reboot will free St John’s from the time, energy and cost burdens of property maintenance. Most importantly, it will enable us to refocus on God’s mission work and help build St. Johns’ long-term vitality, relevance and sustainability.

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Project Cost and Funding                                    

The addition, site/septic work & church repairs (water mitigation, insulation, basement & roof) are estimated to cost ~$400,000. To fund the build StJB has secured a NH Diocese Loan. About half the project cost and loan repayment will be funded by the Rectory sale; we prayed that at least 25%(~$100K) would come from this Capital Campaign: Building Hope — and you have responded! Everything raised over our goal will address & expedite our post-campus work (revamped parking lot, landscaping, etc). 

As of SEPTEMBER 5, 2019,

we have MET AND EXCEEDED OUR goal,

with pledges of over $108,000!!! 

Loving, Liberating & Life-Giving                      

St John’s is known for its hospitality (pie sales, community dinners) & community service efforts, like our annual EpiscoGolf tournament (raises $10,000+ for children’s charities, 24th EpiscoGolf is 8/21/19); Yard sales; Thrift Shop, which we hope to collaboratively revive in 2020; and on-going support of such things as the Wakefield Food Pantry & ARFF Walk. 

Holy and gracious God we give you thanks and praise for your abundant gifts. We pray for you to be with us and guide us as we move forward with your call and address the temporal needs of St. John’s spiritual home.

Guide us as we commit to our StJB’s 2019 Capital Campaign. Bless our church leadership and parishioners. Let us be grateful for the faithful stewardship of St. John’s since 1877, a precious gift we have inherited…and provide us courage as we now pay it forward and move with hope to fulfill your will.   

Grant us the vision, O God, to strengthen our mission to serve YOU and meet the relevant needs of our community. Grant us wisdom and inspiration, Lord, to build a spiritual home for our parishioners; a welcome haven for ALL guests and seekers and infinite possibilities. Grant us the will to care for and generously share the many gifts You have so graciously given us. 

In Jesus’ name, Amen.